Timeshare Scam

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Author: Timeshare-Answers
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March 4, 2013

Timeshares are a scam period. They are not an easier way to travel, they do not save you money and they are not worth anything. So how do people continue to spend billions every year? THEY BELIEVE THE SALES STAFF!

The sales staff has brain washed you during your 90-minute tour, (which was actually 6 hours) they have convinced you with a number of unscrupulous sales tactics. Some used your family against you, some used the old “not wanting to take your family on a vacation” trick, and some used your work ethic, (this will force you to take a vacation) All these tactics got you to sign on the dotted line. But did you really want this timeshare, or was the sales pressure just too much for you? We have the answer to these questions and many more. Call Timeshare-Answers today and learn the truth about your timeshare purchase, and the timeshare scams that are happening everyday.

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