Timeshare Resort Scams

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Author: Timeshare-Answers
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June 7, 2013

Timeshare resort scams or on the rise in every state and country timeshare is sold. The change in economic conditions globally has directly affected the way timeshare is sold and the way timeshare resorts conduct the sales training process. As a direct result of this new process many consumers or being misled and deceived when they purchase timeshare.

The result of the new training and sales process has many timeshare owners unhappy with their timeshare purchase. They are told many LIES, and fraudulent statements to get them to make the purchase, AND they do not usually find out until after the rescission period that they have fallen victim to timeshare resort scams.

What are consumers to do when they have fallen victim to TIMESHARE RESORT SCAMS? The answer: Call TIMESHARE-ANSWERS. Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping timeshare resort scam victims CANCEL fraudulent timeshare contracts. We have years of experience, and have cancelled thousands of contacts all over the world. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your contract canceled and your money refunded.  When it comes to cancelling timeshare we are the leaders in the industry. We have the most experienced support staff and have helped more timeshare owners than any other company in the timeshare cancellation industry combined. Call the experts today, and let Timeshare-Answers get you the answers to your timeshare related questions.


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