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February 19, 2013

What is a timeshare lawyer? Do they exist? These are common questions timeshare owners ask themselves when they realize they have been lied to or realize they have been a victim of timeshare fraud. The answer to your question is yes they do exist. There are lawyers who have helped timeshare owners review their contracts and have even helped a few clients out of their contracts. But they are few and far between. Every state has their own guidelines and laws about timeshare purchases. In order for a lawyer to help a timeshare owner, they must be licensed in the state the timeshare was purchased. A lawyer cannot practice law in a state they are not licensed in. Most lawyers do not know the first thing about canceling a timeshare contract. They can look at your documents and tell you if they are binding, which approximately 99% are, but that is about it.

A Timeshare Lawyer is not what you need when trying to get out of a timeshare. You need a consumer advocacy company that specializes in canceling timeshare contracts. Timeshare-Answers has helped consumers cancel contracts in every state in the US, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries where timeshare is sold. We know the proper steps in getting consumers out of their timeshares. Call Timeshare-Answers today for a free consultation and learn the truth about your timeshare.

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