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August 30, 2013

Timeshare-Answers/Timeshare Attorneys

Here at Timeshare-Answers we get calls everyday from unhappy timeshare owners. Usually the calls are very similar in nature. The timeshare owner is distraught, angry, or feels victimized by the resort. A lot of these timeshare owners first thought is to fight back, and most timeshare owners are not familiar with Timeshare cancellation. They generally think they need timeshare attorneys, and believe this is how to cancel their timeshare. They do some research and find out this is not the case. Timeshare Law is not a general practice.

So the timeshare owners take the contract they signed to a contract attorney, and the results are 99.9% the same. The contract is valid, enforceable, and they are stuck with the timeshare. As far as the attorney is concerned the contracts were executed properly. Timeshare resorts spend millions of dollars every year on contract attorneys. The contracts are fifty plus pages, and every area is covered, their contract attorney makes sure of it.

This is obviously not the path to take when trying to cancel a timeshare contract.

Timeshares purchases made by consumers fall under consumer protection law, AND this is the type of Attorney that can help, but there are many downfalls. When you hire any attorney there is a large retainer fee, a lengthy contract, and you are billed anywhere from two hundred to four hundred an hour. The average timeshare purchase is between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars. It takes a minimum of 100 hours of work to cancel a timeshare contract. So from a financial standpoint this just does not MAKE SENSE. Additionally the attorney would have to be licensed in the state, province, or country the timeshare was sold in, and if you are lucky enough to find one they usually have not handled many timeshare cases. THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT PATH TO FOLLOW.

So what are the unhappy timeshare owners to do? They need someone with experience in consumer protection law related to timeshare purchases. Timeshare-Answers is this company. We have helped thousands of timeshare owners get out of their contracts, many of which got refunds form the resort. We have cancelled millions in contractually obligated debt, and have years of experience with timeshares all over the world. If you are a timeshare owner, and need help getting rid of your timeshare, call Timeshare-Answers today. Let the experts guide you through the contract cancellation process. 1-888-722-2648 or visit us online www.Timeshare-Answers.com.


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