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May 20, 2013

During the 4 or 5 hours it took you to buy a timeshare, which was only suppose to be 90 minutes, the licensed Realtor told you a slew of lies. As hard working people, we want to believe, when we make a major financial commitment, we are making a smart choice. The problem is, typically when we are on vacation we are in an elevated state of joy. The timeshare companies count on this joy to commit major timeshare fraud. Timeshare companies are careful to have good timeshare attorneys in place to protect the timeshare company. These Timeshare attorneys take very careful measures to have the buyer initial things like “I understand I should not rely on any representations other than those contained in these document” Well you just spent 5 hours with someone that earned your trust and when you are signing your 30+ document you are rushed through these areas of the contract. Why? It is simply because the timeshare attorneys are paid a lot of money to protect the timeshare companies, not the consumer. By the time you realize you were told countless lies from your licensed Realtor it is too late and you are stuck. Do not trust these timeshare companies or their timeshare attorneys.

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