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June 3, 2013

When it comes to cancelling a timeshare there are many factors that you need to consider. First if you are attempting to do this on your own (and you are within the stated rescission period on your contract) you need to be very cautious.{Timeshare-Answers does not recommend to try to cancel your timeshare on your own, even if you are in your stated rescission period on your contract.}

If, you are in your stated rescission period and you do try to cancel your timeshare on your own, you need to thoroughly read your timeshare contract. Follow the instructions on the agreement where it states the procedure on how to notify the resort that you are canceling your recent timeshare purchase. There are many tactics the resort will you use to try to confuse you, and misinform you on how to correctly cancel the agreement within the allotted time frame. They will try to delay the cancellation process such as: who to notify, what to state, and where to send the cancellation letter, and how it should be sent. All of these factors have a profound effect on the actual cancellation.

If, you do not send it correctly to the appropriate department they will send you a letter a month or two later stating you are still the owner. We have seen too many timeshare owners go into despair when they find out they are still owners  even after sending in cancellation letters; thinking they had correctly cancelled their timeshare. We suggest you call us for assistance with reading over the procedures in the contract, and have us review the contract itself before you send in any notification letters.

If you have sent a cancellation letter already call us to review what you have already done, so we can make sure you have done it correctly. Make sure you send any documentation to the resort as certified mail and request a return signature receipt.

There are just too many pitfalls and misinformation on these 80 page contracts to be able to decipher what is expected of you to cancel. The resorts do this so they can bind you to the agreement and keep your down payment. You need professional assistance when it comes to cancelling your contract even in stated rescission periods; the bottom line is YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO LOOSE TO CHANCE DOING IT ON YOUR OWN. Timeshare-Answers helps thousands of timeshare owners every year cancel timeshare contracts both during and after the rescission periods. Let the professionals help you with your timeshare cancellation no matter when you purchased or if you are in rescission or not.

Call us today for a free consultation or visit our website at WWW.TIMESHAREANSWERS.COM. 1-888-722-2648!

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