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February 13, 2013

Timeshare resorts and fraudulent companies that claim they can sell or rent their timeshares are scamming consumers every day. With the timeshare scams on the rise state and federal authorities are having a difficult time keeping up with these unscrupulous companies. If you have information or someone you know has information on timeshare scams call Timeshare-Answers NOW 888-722-2648.

Consumers beware of fraudulent companies claiming they can help; here are some things to look for
1. Make sure the company has a physical address, not a P.O. Box. A physical address means that the company occupies a building or office space that you can find and visit if you had the need. Some companies claim to have address, but further research will tell you it is by appointment only, and this usually means it is a rent by hour building that they do not actually occupy.
2. Make sure the company has a phone number with a local area code in addition to the toll free number. This number should trace to their physical address. If the number cannot be found to match their physical address BEWARE!
3. When you read their About Us portion of the company’s website, make sure the content can refer you to some official licensing or third party verification that the company is real and not just a page spouting more info with no details “about us”. Licensing, Bonding, and insurance are all key factors when doing business with any company.
4. Follow the Business Bureau link to verify that the company is reputable. Avoid companies that don’t have a link or info registered with a third party.
5. Make sure the company is a active company, you can usually find this information on the state corporations homepage

We have found numerous companies operating under the authorities radar without licensing and just as many that are not even active corporations. Check out any company thoroughly before you GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Do not fall victim to timeshare scams

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