Timeshare-Answers is proud to be a legitimate, Online Business Bureau compliant company and we offer every possible solution to owners of timeshare.Not only that, but we stand behind our service with a money back guarantee! The following statements are real testimonials from REAL CUSTOMERS that have received assistance from our staff:

“Thank you timeshare answers for assisting me in canceling my timeshare contract that was sold to my girlfriend and I on a high pressure sales presentation where the salesman lied and would not take no for an answer”

– Jason, Massachusetts

“Timeshare-Answers solved my problem, they connected me to a company that was able to get me a good rental price for my timeshare week that I so foolishly purchased and could not afford to use this year due to my heavy work schedule driving “

-Richard, LikiTiki owner

“Thank you so much for your help on this. My husband and I really appreciate it!”

– Stephanie, Texas

“After all the years of family fun at our timeshare, the kids are grown and we no longer travel, for the past five years we have been paying for the privilege to go on a vacation that we have not taken, we just wanted to get rid of the property and none of our children wanted the responsibility of the ever increasing maintenance and taxes, so we contacted timeshare answers and they put us together with a transfer company to relieve us of this heavy, expensive burden, Thank you Timeshare Answers!”

-The Irvin Family, Minnesota

“My thanks to your company for handling my timeshare contract cancellation.”

– Randy, Canada

“We are grateful for your assistance. Everybody was very helpful and professional in answering all our questions. We can finally put this nightmare behind us. “

– Joanne, California

“This contract cancellation is music to our ears. This is the letter that all your clients are waiting for and with your help, here it is.”

Mike, California

“I contacted Timeshare-Answers on the internet without any prior knowledge of this company. After talking with Ron, I felt he honestly wanted to help and could. My solutions agent handled my case with professionalism, direction, and information of things I had no knowledge of and since an attorney had turned us down, we decided that this was a good option. Within a few days, I was furnished with all the forms and instructions that were easily understood and followed the process. Within a few weeks, we received a release from our contract. Almost too easy. We are “older” folks and can be talked into things that cost us money, but knonwing there are people who can help reassures us that therer are good people here. Thank you very much and thank you for being good people.”

Ralph and Betty

“From the first call with Jennifer, I felt nervous as I had already been deceived by my resort. Jennifer was very helpful by assisting me and most importantly motivating me to cancel this nightmare that I referred to as a “timeshare”. She immediately made me feel as though there was hope.
After my complaint was submitted to my resort, within a week, my “nightmare” was cancelled and I received a full refund of almost $15,000.00!
I want to thank our Solution Agents and the entire Timeshare-Answers staff for their continued support. Without this company, I would be stuck with a mortgage of $21,000.00; not to mention the headache and stress that came with this purchase.
Thank you Timeshare Answers!!”

Mrs. Ishtar

“Thank you for all your help and assistance with our time share issue, we really appreciate it. My wife and I are so excited to get out from under our debt from that place. I also appreciate the kind words of support for myself and rest of my brothers and sisters serving in our great nations military. The Timeshare-Answers family is so awesome thanking as many service members as possible, we truly appreciate the love and support we get from home and it reminds us why we do what we do. Thanks again.”


“Thank you for all your help and patience. We are truly relieved this situation is closed and can’t express enough how grateful we are that we found you to assist.
With sincere gratitude,”

Donald and Ruth, Nebraska

“In December 2009 we were offered a reduced room rate in exchange for a 90 minute tour of the facility. 4 hours later, high pressure and lies led us to buy into the “timeshare.”
In late 2010 we had seen an ad in our local newspaper for Timeshare Answers, so we called and they got the wheels in motion for us. In march 2011, with great help from Timeshare-Answers, we finally reached an agreement with the resort that we are no longer responsible for this fraudulent RIP-OFF…We are forever grateful to the entire Timeshare-Answers Staff for all their help. They listened to my worries and continued to reassure me everything would be fine. Thank you so much, we will NEVER forget you!!!!”

Hanz and Violet Arnold, PA

“A huge thank you to my Timeshare-Answers Support Team for helping me get my Timeshare Contract cancelled!!! I was pressured into buying the “vacation of my dreams” a few months ago. It was just too good to be true, but the “super sales team” convinced me that it was. Over the next few weeks I started realizing how many half truths and outright lies that I was fed. I started getting frustrated and then mad. I looked for a solution and found Timeshare Answers.
They walked me through the process, gave me detailed instructions and answered all of my questions. I definitely had some trust issues around spending more money to get out of a contract that I thought I owed $15k and was actually $33k! But I bit the bullet and within 6 weeks after filing my paperwork, I not only am out of the contract, I have no “bad things” on my credit and received a FULL refund of every penny I had paid. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

Mary Harter, California

“Timeshare-answers was our only hope to get out of a timeshare upgrade where the salesman lied to us about the price and the content of the upgrade. Timeshare answers assisted us to prove that what we had been misled. The service that we received was prompt and professional. I thought we would be stuck with this for a very long time. Within four months we were successfully freed from the upgrade contract which has saved us a lot of money. Now we can go on vacation instead of paying on a new contract. Thanks to all involved at timeshare answers. Words cannot express the joy!”

Jessica and Bernard, Dallas TX

“I really thought I would have this timeshare contract forever and would never find a way out of it. Until I found your company which made it all
happen. I can now apply the money each month toward helping my mother and myself since my father’s passing.
Thanks to all of you.”

Victor, Worcester, MA

“After being frustrated with our timeshare and unable to get rid of it, we contacted Timeshare Answers and received the professional advice for consumers in our predicament. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend your company to others that want to get out of a Timeshare Scheme Nightmare!

Thank You!”

Bob, Washington

“I thought this day would never come. Finally, I’m 100% debt free of my Timeshare! I will never forget the day, July 28, 2011; I was so excited to take my family on a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach. I would spend approximately 1-2 hours in a presentation on how to take an affordable vacation whenever I wanted. Once I completed the presentation, I would receive all expenses reimbursed.
I was promised so much for taking this ‘One in a Lifetime Deal’ How could I refuse. I would receive unlimited usage of vacation home. I would earn money for each person that I referred. I could take last minute vacations without any penalties and fees. I could refinance with my mortgage company to lower interest rate. Best of all I could leave for my children to enjoy. But this was a “Once in a Lifetime Deal” and it would not be available tomorrow. After 5 hours, I met the staff and signed the paperwork. The paperwork was lengthy but because the representative was so helpful and trustworthy; he explained everything. Or least I thought.
I returned home in 2 days and sorted my paperwork and start reading my owner’s manual. I was ready to plan a trip. WAIT A MINUTE, He did not tell me this, he did not tell me that. After reading the fine print, I was taken for granted and violated. The truth was I would be on a waiting list for that particular property, I would only be allotted that one weekend (week 49) and I would be paying triple the amount for all the fees, maintenance fees, monthly and annual fees. At a high interest rate of 15.5% for 120 months, I would still not own it or be able to leave for my kids to enjoy. Instead, this would have been an ongoing debt for them to keep the fees paid. I spent weeks trying to call the friendly staff and I could not believe; no one would accept my calls.
I finally contacted Timeshare Answers and after the first conversation, I FELT RELIEF. They answered all my questions and took me step by step of what to do. After ONLY 6 months, I’M DEBT FREE OF MY TIMESHARE CONTRACT.
Forever Grateful”

K Taylor, Atlanta GA

“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you and your team for your help in cancelling my timeshare contracts. Getting a timeshare was a mistake that will take years to recover from. Had this option not been available to me, I may have sunken into an unrecoverable debt. You are providing an amazing service and I feel blessed that your efforts have removed my contracts so quickly. You didn’t just help cancel my contracts; you also have allowed me to move forward with my life. I wish nothing but success for your future.”


“We were scammed by a crooked timeshare resort! We fell for the same old story, ” Just listen to a seminar & if you decline, you will still receive $100.” When they started their sales pitch they were like vultures. The pressure was unbelievable! We signed the papers with the understanding we had a week to change our mind and rescind. The sales rep said she would mail the papers out the next day due to our luggage not having room. Of course we didn’t receive the papers for 2 weeks despite our numerous calls. By the time they came it was past the1 week rescission period, and they wouldn’t let us cancel! The sales rep had no intention on mailing them out on time! We found Timeshare Answers online and contacted them. Our case manager took on our case and she was a fantastic dedicated women! She & her staff got us out of our nightmare!”

Rob and Bev

“I would like to complement Timeshare Answers for their service. I was leery about using a company I found on the Internet but I am glad I did. They were honest and delivered on all their promises. My case manager was extremely supportive and helpful. She was prompt in answering my emails and questions. The correspondence that was provided to me was clear and concise. She always provided complete directions with the correspondence. I was lucky — I was able to get out of my timeshare contract and do not owe the timeshare company any additional money. What would have made my experience even better was if I was able to recover some of the money I paid the timeshare company but that is okay. I would definitely recommend Timeshare Answers to anyone who is trying to get out of a timeshare contract.”


“Thank you for taking care of my timeshare dilemma as if it were your own. Your knowledge and expertise in handling all those dreaded letters from the resort, and your patience in handling my anxiety and deserves a metal. We were released from our contract just before Christmas and I will be forever grateful to you and your most reliable company. My initial fear of being scammed a second time vanished as I soon realized that you guys were on my side and I wasn’t alone.
You are an Angel.”

Judith A.

“Dear Solutions Team,
Unbelievable! You have done so much for us! We just can’t thank you enough! Gratefully Yours,”

Ricky and Estella

“Thank you for making us extremely happy in knowing that we are no longer part of the timeshare. We are finally timeshare free! ”

Abe, NY

“I should receive the papers shortly to be out of the contract. I will not receive any refund for my initial investment, however, I am still glad this is done with. You were very helpful and I would like to thank you for it. Regards ”

Joe, BC, Canada

“Thank you so very much. I am almost scared to be excited. I am sincerely thankful, grateful, and have been blessed to have had your support and expertise. I appreciate all that you do within your agency. I am so beginning to feel relieved. ”

Pam, VA

“Thank to everyone at Timeshare Answers for all your assistance in receiving the release from our timeshare contract. Without your support and guidance, this would not have been possible. We sincerely appreciate your counseling in cancellation of this agreement. ”

R.B, Canada

“Our lives have improved so much since we started working with you. You have been friendly and helpful and we will surely recommend you and your company to those that find themselves in a similar situation.
Thank you, “

D & D, NY

“I cannot express to you our appreciation for your persistence in getting my timeshare company to “admit” that they were wrong by way of returning our money and canceling the contract. ”

Matthew Shelton

“In the past I was taken advantage of so many times, I didn’t know who I could trust. As far as I am concerned you were the best thing that happened to me. When you started on my case, wow someone I can understand, also takes the time to explain everything and makes sure I know what I’m being told to do. I cannot thank you enough, for all your help. I have every intention to give your company name to any other possible clients. ”

Denis, MA

“I want to thank the people at “Timeshare-Answers” especially Gina, in helping my husband I get out of our timeshare contract. They guided us through the process with the end result being “free of a timeshare.” Trust me, they are a professional, solid company that sticks to their word. I highly recommend “Timeshare-Answers”. Thank you so much for your help…we now have peace of mind. ”

D.Gauthier Canada

“Thank you so much for all your invaluable help. I couldn’t have done this without you. ”

M.D. Ontario

“We want to thank you for all you have done for us, your help is greatly appreciated and finally I can rest from these peoples bad business. Again I can’t thank you enough. “

M & T California

“I never thought the day would come when we were free from our timeshare contract, but your company made it happen. Now, instead of throwing our money away by giving it to the timeshare company, we can p ut it towards preparing for our new baby!”

– Brad, Massachusetts

“We would like to thank you for your very professional services. We could not do this without the expertise of your entire staff. Thank you for your services.”

– Lee, Alabama

“Many thanks to your agency for stepping in and, in my opinion, advising us on what needed to be done in the first place. You have been extremely helpful during a difficult time for us. This whole ess will soon be over much to our satisfaction.”

– Mark, Ohio

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