K Taylor, Atlanta GA

Author: Timeshare-Answers
Posted on:
August 20, 2014

“I thought this day would never come. Finally, I’m 100% debt free of my Timeshare! I will never forget the day, July 28, 2011; I was so excited to take my family on a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach. I would spend approximately 1-2 hours in a presentation on how to take an affordable vacation whenever I wanted. Once I completed the presentation, I would receive all expenses reimbursed.
I was promised so much for taking this ‘One in a Lifetime Deal’ How could I refuse. I would receive unlimited usage of vacation home. I would earn money for each person that I referred. I could take last minute vacations without any penalties and fees. I could refinance with my mortgage company to lower interest rate. Best of all I could leave for my children to enjoy. But this was a “Once in a Lifetime Deal” and it would not be available tomorrow. After 5 hours, I met the staff and signed the paperwork. The paperwork was lengthy but because the representative was so helpful and trustworthy; he explained everything. Or least I thought.
I returned home in 2 days and sorted my paperwork and start reading my owner’s manual. I was ready to plan a trip. WAIT A MINUTE, He did not tell me this, he did not tell me that. After reading the fine print, I was taken for granted and violated. The truth was I would be on a waiting list for that particular property, I would only be allotted that one weekend (week 49) and I would be paying triple the amount for all the fees, maintenance fees, monthly and annual fees. At a high interest rate of 15.5% for 120 months, I would still not own it or be able to leave for my kids to enjoy. Instead, this would have been an ongoing debt for them to keep the fees paid. I spent weeks trying to call the friendly staff and I could not believe; no one would accept my calls.
I finally contacted Timeshare Answers and after the first conversation, I FELT RELIEF. They answered all my questions and took me step by step of what to do. After ONLY 6 months, I’M DEBT FREE OF MY TIMESHARE CONTRACT.
Forever Grateful”

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