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Timeshare Scams

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in Timeshare Scams. We have helped over 15,000 consumers worldwide with different timeshare related scams. We have cancelled over 45,000,000 in contractually obligated debt for these consumers, and recovered over 1,500,000 of their hard earned money.

Most consumers don’t even know they are timeshare scam victims until they get home from their vacations, and start reading the fine print on their contracts. When they do realize that all the facts do not add up, it is past the allotted cancellation period stated in the contract.

What are they to do? Most consumers think that there is nothing they can do. They try calling the resort and the resort states that they entered into a binding agreement, and they have to live up to it. Consumers feel helpless, lied to, and victimized by the resort staff. They also tend to believe this new set of lies from the staff. IF YOU WERE LIED TO WHEN YOU BOUGHT THE TIMESHARE, WHY WOULD THEY NOT LIE TO YOU NOW?

This is just another example of how the timeshare companies continue to lie to consumers, and prey of consumers who are honest self-respecting hard working citizens. If any of this sounds familiar, if you have any questions, or concerns regarding a timeshare related purchase, or timeshare scam call Timeshare-Answers.

Let our professional staff guide you in your fight against the timeshare resorts. Let us cancel your contract, and get your MONEY BACK!

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Resort Scams

Timeshare resort scams are on the rise and so is the amount of complaints the Attorney Generals office is receiving from state to state.  The amount of complaints the Florida attorney Generals office have tripled in the last 3 years alone, and have increased exponentially in many other states as well.

Why the sudden increase in dissatisfied consumers? The answers lie with the resorts themselves. Due to the poor economy and the decrease in real estate value the resorts are training their sales staff to sell BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! This means that you as a consumer have 8 out of 10 likelihood that you have been lied to or deceived during your timeshare presentation.

Normally you will not find these facts out until after the stated rescission periods on the contracts you signed, or until your first usage year. Which is generally the following year from the date you purchased. If you suspect you have been a victim of any deceptive or misleading sales tactics call Timeshare-Answers IMMEDIATELY.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping consumers cancel fraudulent timeshare sales contracts. We have helped over 15,000 timeshare owners in the last 5 years and cancelled over 45,000,000 in contractually obligated debt. We have also recovered more than 1,500,000 of our consumer’s money. Do not leave it to chance that you made a proper purchase.




Timeshare Scam

All our weeks are red weeks because this is the number 1 vacation destination in the world” Timeshare Scam! “You will be able to go anywhere anytime” Timeshare Scam! “You can use it for the next 10 years and then sell it for what you bought it for” Timeshare Scam! “If you can travel in the future the resort will buy your week back” Timeshare Scam! The list of misrepresentations the timeshare sales people and the timeshare companies are telling you is just the beginning of the largest timeshare scam picture! You do not need to be a victim of these billion dollar companies. Why would you believe them when they tell you, there is no way to get out of the timeshare unless you sell it. Who are you going to sell it to, when people that own timeshares paid 10’s of thousands and in many cases 100’s of thousands, and they are paid in full, selling them on eBay for $1. That is because they have no resale value! It is all part of a huge timeshare scam. We can get your contract legally cancelled and in many cases even get the resort to refund some if not all of your money.

Don’t delay, start fighting back now, call now at 888-722-2648 and learn about your options. 

Timeshare Law

With all the fraud involved in the timeshare industry, you would think there would be more timeshare laws in place to protect the consumer. Why is it that timeshare companies all over the world have been taking advantage of consumers for more than 40 years and there are little to no government agencies that are standing up for these consumers. The fact is, the timeshare companies are making billions a year and each state benefits from a portion of that money. How is it that the Attorney Generals are not looking into the blatant fraud and misrepresentation of these companies and their sales tactic’s? Here at Timeshare-Answers we stand up for your rights against these companies and their abuse of the lack of timeshare law. We can help, call now for your free consultation, no pressure, just a support staff to help you understand your rights as a consumer, regardless of the lack of timeshare law.

You are not alone; you have a voice, call now 888-722-2648, WE WILL PREVAIL!

Timeshare Scams

When you hear the word Timeshare, there is only one thought that crosses most consumers minds, that is the word SCAMS, especially if they are already a owner.

Timeshare owners usually learn that timeshare is a scam very quickly after they have purchased their timeshare. From the moment they get home from their vacations they start to get that uneasy feeling in their stomach that something is just not right. Then the start to read over the fifty plus pages of documents they signed and received after their purchase. This is when the uneasy feeling becomes flu like sickness that over takes their entire body.

Timeshare scams or prevalent at all the major timeshare companies, they actually spend millions of dollars every year on how to deceive you into buying a timeshare. If the resort were to tell you the truth about your timeshare purchase you would have never signed on the dotted line. But like most timeshare owners you believed the lies told to you at the timeshare presentation by the trustworthy looking sales representative. They are usually kind, well mannered and dressed people who you would never think would lie to your face. The old world saying “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” always comes to mind when something like this happens to a consumer.

After the sickness starts to subside and the feeling of helplessness starts you need to call Timeshare-Answers. We can help you with your timeshare problems. We have helped thousands of people just like you who have been lied to and deceived by timeshare resorts. Timeshare Scams are as frequent as the sun rising and setting, and we have successfully helped consumers worldwide with these problems.

Call Timeshare-Answers today to see just what we can do for you when it comes to your TIMESHARE SCAMS. 1-888-722-2648.

Selling a Timeshare Scams

There are many timeshare scams happening all over the world. Some of these scams happen when you first buy, and some of them happen after you buy. The truth is the sales reps at the resort convinced you that you where buying something of value, and because you think it is worth something, you then fall victim to your second scam. The RESALE SCAM. Resale companies contact you from a list of owners they purchase from a lead broker; your name is sold by the resort and then purchased sometimes dozens of times to companies offering different services.

These services could be anything from real estate companies, debt companies, or in most cases resale companies. This same sales rep that sold you the timeshare then pass you over to the next rep to take more money from you. It is all an elaborate scheme to get you to part with your hard earned money. There is no corporate buyer who is buying blocks of timeshares; there are no gigantic convention promoters who need large amounts of timeshare inventory. THESE ARE ALL JUST MORE LIES AND SCAMS. Convention goers have discount rates through hotels, because corporations do not buy timeshares. If you can’t use your timeshare, how do you think a company would be able to book their employees last minute, at a popular destination on a business trip?

Timeshare Cancellation

What is Timeshare Cancellation? How do I get my timeshare cancelled? How can I get rid of a timeshare? How can I cancel my timeshare? How do I get out of a timeshare? These and many other questions are being asked by timeshare owners everyday simply because YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH IT! If you were happy you would not be asking these questions. You would be not thinking about your timeshare at all, but 8 out of 10 of timeshare owners are asking these questions because they are fed up with their resorts and the people who sold it to them.

Timeshare cancellation is real. It is a process of canceling a timeshare contract, and in some cases recovering the money you have spent. This is not something to be taken lightly nor is it to be trusted to inexperience. If you want to get out of your timeshare, and get your money refunded, you need skilled professionals on your side who know the exact steps to take and what order to take them in.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in canceling timeshare and getting consumers money back. If you or a family member is asking these questions you need Timeshare-Answers. Call us Today!

How to get out of a timeshare

Timeshare owners find out everyday that they were outright lied to during their timeshare presentation. Unfortunately, in most cases they don’t realize this until six months or a year into their ownership. The first thought that crosses their minds is anger and then embarrassment,” How could I be so stupid,” This is the most common question. If you have asked yourself this question you need Timeshare-Answers.

Timeshare-Answer’s is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping timeshare owners. We know how to get clients out of timeshares. We have helped thousands of consumers that have asked themselves those same questions. Many timeshare owners do not know where to turn and are reluctant to talk about their bad experience for many different reasons. We are here to offer our expert guidance during this difficult time. Our professional staff will walk you through every step of the timeshare cancellation process; you will no longer be a single voice against a large company. Call Timeshare-Answers today and learn HOW TO GET OUT OF A TIMESHARE!

Timeshare Answers Review

Timeshare-Answers is a cutting edge consumer advocacy company that is constantly reviewing the timeshare resorts and laws. Knowledge is key to any timeshare contract cancellations. Many consumers lack the knowledge to get started in their fight against the resort. If you are reading this post you are taking the right steps in getting out of your timeshare for good.

Timeshare-Answers helps thousands of consumers every year with cancelling their timeshare contracts and also in many cases recovering the money spent. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and expertise to get your contract cancelled. With over 15,000 consumers assisted worldwide and years of experience we are the #1 consumer advocacy company in the industry.

When reviewing the facts of your case and starting on the track to being timeshare free go to www.timeshare-answers.com and get the knowledge to empower yourself today.