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Resort Scams

Timeshare resort scams are on the rise and so is the amount of complaints the Attorney Generals office is receiving from state to state.  The amount of complaints the Florida attorney Generals office have tripled in the last 3 years alone, and have increased exponentially in many other states as well.

Why the sudden increase in dissatisfied consumers? The answers lie with the resorts themselves. Due to the poor economy and the decrease in real estate value the resorts are training their sales staff to sell BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! This means that you as a consumer have 8 out of 10 likelihood that you have been lied to or deceived during your timeshare presentation.

Normally you will not find these facts out until after the stated rescission periods on the contracts you signed, or until your first usage year. Which is generally the following year from the date you purchased. If you suspect you have been a victim of any deceptive or misleading sales tactics call Timeshare-Answers IMMEDIATELY.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping consumers cancel fraudulent timeshare sales contracts. We have helped over 15,000 timeshare owners in the last 5 years and cancelled over 45,000,000 in contractually obligated debt. We have also recovered more than 1,500,000 of our consumer’s money. Do not leave it to chance that you made a proper purchase.




Timeshare Cancellation Letter

When it comes to cancelling a timeshare there are many factors that you need to consider. First if you are attempting to do this on your own (and you are within the stated rescission period on your contract) you need to be very cautious.{Timeshare-Answers does not recommend to try to cancel your timeshare on your own, even if you are in your stated rescission period on your contract.}

If, you are in your stated rescission period and you do try to cancel your timeshare on your own, you need to thoroughly read your timeshare contract. Follow the instructions on the agreement where it states the procedure on how to notify the resort that you are canceling your recent timeshare purchase. There are many tactics the resort will you use to try to confuse you, and misinform you on how to correctly cancel the agreement within the allotted time frame. They will try to delay the cancellation process such as: who to notify, what to state, and where to send the cancellation letter, and how it should be sent. All of these factors have a profound effect on the actual cancellation.

If, you do not send it correctly to the appropriate department they will send you a letter a month or two later stating you are still the owner. We have seen too many timeshare owners go into despair when they find out they are still owners  even after sending in cancellation letters; thinking they had correctly cancelled their timeshare. We suggest you call us for assistance with reading over the procedures in the contract, and have us review the contract itself before you send in any notification letters.

If you have sent a cancellation letter already call us to review what you have already done, so we can make sure you have done it correctly. Make sure you send any documentation to the resort as certified mail and request a return signature receipt.

There are just too many pitfalls and misinformation on these 80 page contracts to be able to decipher what is expected of you to cancel. The resorts do this so they can bind you to the agreement and keep your down payment. You need professional assistance when it comes to cancelling your contract even in stated rescission periods; the bottom line is YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO LOOSE TO CHANCE DOING IT ON YOUR OWN. Timeshare-Answers helps thousands of timeshare owners every year cancel timeshare contracts both during and after the rescission periods. Let the professionals help you with your timeshare cancellation no matter when you purchased or if you are in rescission or not.

Call us today for a free consultation or visit our website at WWW.TIMESHAREANSWERS.COM. 1-888-722-2648!

Give back timeshare

Do not be fooled by these companies that claim to give back timeshares. Give them back to whom? The resort is not taking them back! Companies that are claiming that if you pay sometimes over $6000 you can simply give back your timeshare are turning out to be more companies riding on the coat tails of the lies you were told from the timeshare companies themselves. We have seen countless consumers pay these astronomical amounts of money to give back their timeshares. They pay the fees and come the following year when they receive next year’s maintenance and tax bills, they quickly realize that they still own the timeshare, and are simply out another $6000+ with no recourse. It is more important than ever to do your due diligence and find out what the company is about before giving out more of your hard earned money.  Look for someone like Timeshare-Answers that will give you all the information you need to verify our business history, licensing, bonding so you are protected. Again, DO NOT FALL for Give back timeshare, they are not taking them back. You need Timeshare-Answers to help you get your contract legally cancelled with a certified letter of release from the timeshare company. Don’t take our word for it, call for a consultation with one of our top advocates that can provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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We look forward to helping you fight the timeshare companies and all the bottom feeders that have followed their lead…

The Burden of a Timeshare

Getting rid of timeshares is almost impossible. When a timeshare company misleads you into buying a timeshare based on a bunch of verbal promises, the one thing they never tell you is that you won’t be able to get rid of your timeshare. There are only a few things in this world that are a lifetime commitment. You purchase a home; you can sell it, if you are employed; you can terminate your employment and find a new employer. However, once you sign on the dotted line of that 30-page timeshare agreement, you can almost never get rid of that timeshare. Regardless of what that sales person told you, timeshares have NO RESALE VALUE, and the resorts WILL NOT BUY THEM BACK. If, you were lied to or misrepresented, and you have not been able to get rid of your timeshare, call us now. We have the experience and know how to legally get rid of your timeshare.  Do not leave the burden for your children to carry.

Call and speak to one of our advocates at 888-722-2648. You are not alone!

Timeshare Mortgage

When buying a timeshare there are many things the average consumer does not know, and the old saying what you do not know will not hurt you, does not apply to a timeshare.

Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about a timeshare mortgage and how it is different from a regular home mortgage:

  1. The number one thing you need to know about a timeshare mortgage is that the interest rate is significantly higher than a home mortgage. Usually the interest rate is “Between” 13% to 18%.
  2. The second most important thing about a timeshare mortgage is that you cannot refinance for a lower rate. Even though you were told this at the closing by the sales staff.
  3. Generally all timeshare mortgages are 7 to 10 years long and cannot be extended or amended.
  4. Having a timeshare is not an ASSET and owing a mortgage on something with no value will greatly affect your credit and buying power.
  5. No matter what the timeshare sales staff told you cannot cancel the mortgage if you are unsatisfied with the timeshare. It is legally binding just like your home mortgage and the only way to get out of the mortgage is to pay it off.

These are the top 5 things you need to be aware of when purchasing a timeshare and getting a timeshare mortgage. Most people fall for the sales pitch and believe that they can refinance for a lower rate with their own bank, or can cancel their mortgage if they are unhappy, or many of the other lies told to get you to buy the timeshare. But there is help, Timeshare-Answers specializes in helping consumers get out of their timeshare mortgages and recover money they have paid the resort. We have helped thousands of timeshare owners and have cancelled over 45,000,000 in mortgages and recovered over 1,500,000 of timeshare owner’s money.

Call us today and GET OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE MORTGAGE. 1-888-722-2648

Timeshare Contract Presentation

Many consumers every year go on their family vacations and take a timeshare presentation, to get the added perks from the resorts. The resorts generally try to set you up for a tour of their facility as soon as you check in. They send you to guest services desk, and they say you need to go there to pick up a parking pass or some other required document. This is true, they do use the guest services department to give out these documents, but their real agenda is to sign you up for a tour and sell you some timeshare. The first thing they do is try to schedule you a tour using free breakfast or drinks, if you do not take them up on these incentives they will offer you discounted tickets, golf, or some other resort activity.


If you are one of the consumers who did take them up on one of their offers, BEWARE, they will try every and all means necessary to sell you a timeshare, and if you did purchase at the tour review your contract and what they told you at time of purchase. Usually there are some serious misrepresentations and differences between the two. At Timeshare-Answers we are here to help consumers get out of timeshare contracts and if possible get consumers information before they purchase so they do not have to go through the headaches, stress, that occurs after they buy and find out they have been lied to. Know the truth before you purchase a timeshare.

Call Timeshare-Answers today at 1-888-722-2648 

How to get out of a timeshare

How to get out of a timeshare? This is a common question asked amongst timeshare owners all over the world. These owners’ are usually unhappy with their timeshare purchase, and are looking for a way to get out. The answer to this question is not predetermined, there are many factors that have to be considered such as: Was there misrepresentation at the time of sale? Is the resort fulfilling their contractual obligations? Are you having a difficult time using the property as promised?
There are no simple answers, but there are solutions. Timeshare-Answers specializes in ways to get owners out of their timeshares, and get timeshare contract cancelled. We have professionals with years of experience and we are responsible for thousands of contract cancellations for our clients. The best solution is to call today for a free consultation and learn HOW TO GET OUT OF A TIMESHARE TODAY!

Timeshare-Answers Scams

Timeshare resorts and fraudulent companies that claim they can sell or rent their timeshares are scamming consumers every day. With the timeshare scams on the rise state and federal authorities are having a difficult time keeping up with these unscrupulous companies. If you have information or someone you know has information on timeshare scams call Timeshare-Answers NOW 888-722-2648.

Consumers beware of fraudulent companies claiming they can help; here are some things to look for
1. Make sure the company has a physical address, not a P.O. Box. A physical address means that the company occupies a building or office space that you can find and visit if you had the need. Some companies claim to have address, but further research will tell you it is by appointment only, and this usually means it is a rent by hour building that they do not actually occupy.
2. Make sure the company has a phone number with a local area code in addition to the toll free number. This number should trace to their physical address. If the number cannot be found to match their physical address BEWARE!
3. When you read their About Us portion of the company’s website, make sure the content can refer you to some official licensing or third party verification that the company is real and not just a page spouting more info with no details “about us”. Licensing, Bonding, and insurance are all key factors when doing business with any company.
4. Follow the Business Bureau link to verify that the company is reputable. Avoid companies that don’t have a link or info registered with a third party.
5. Make sure the company is a active company, you can usually find this information on the state corporations homepage

We have found numerous companies operating under the authorities radar without licensing and just as many that are not even active corporations. Check out any company thoroughly before you GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Do not fall victim to timeshare scams

Timeshare Law

Timeshare Laws exist in every state and country timeshare is sold. Timeshare laws govern the way timeshares are sold, and the rights afforded to the purchaser. There are many timeshare laws that are designed to help protect the consumer. Regardless of the laws that are in place, there are still many timeshare owners who have been misrepresented and deceived during their purchase. Some of the most common Timeshare Law violations are: being told that you are purchasing something of value, or the Timeshare itself is not what you purchased. (Thought you had every year usage and end up with every other year). It does not matter what was misrepresented, it only matters that there was a misrepresentation. If you are unhappy and need help call Timeshare-Answers we can help.

Resort Scam

Timeshare resort scams happen every day all over the world and thousands of consumers fall prey to these scams. Resort scams are not geographically exclusive, they happen in every state and country timeshare is sold. They are most prevalent in the popular vacation destinations where timeshare companies are competing against each other. The best way to protect yourself from being a victim of a resort scam is by educating yourself. KNOW YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Don’t become a statistic; EDUCATE YOURSELF TODAY.