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Timeshare Sales

Many timeshare resort companies are using all means necessary to sell consumers timeshare. They offer gifts, free stays, tickets to events and other perks to get you to go on a tour. Once you go on your timeshare tour they will tell you all the great benefits you and your family will receive, all the money you will save, and how easy it will make your vacations, LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.

Buying a timeshare is not an easy way to travel, you do not save money, and there are no benefits from ownership that are worth the price you will pay. Consumers cannot refinance for a lower rate when they get home, which means you are stuck with the 14-17% interest rate they give you at the time of purchase. So a $10,000 timeshare now becomes $20,000 over the ten-year period, and this is not including all the additional fees you will pay over those same ten years. Such as, maintenance fees, taxes, special assessments, and exchange fees, all of which add up to thousands of dollars more.

The bottom line is DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE! If it is too late and you already purchased call Timeshare-Answers today, we specialize in helping consumers cancel timeshare contracts and get their money back from the resort.

Call for a free consultation now and learn the truth about your timeshare purchase!