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Timeshare Contract Presentation

Many consumers every year go on their family vacations and take a timeshare presentation, to get the added perks from the resorts. The resorts generally try to set you up for a tour of their facility as soon as you check in. They send you to guest services desk, and they say you need to go there to pick up a parking pass or some other required document. This is true, they do use the guest services department to give out these documents, but their real agenda is to sign you up for a tour and sell you some timeshare. The first thing they do is try to schedule you a tour using free breakfast or drinks, if you do not take them up on these incentives they will offer you discounted tickets, golf, or some other resort activity.


If you are one of the consumers who did take them up on one of their offers, BEWARE, they will try every and all means necessary to sell you a timeshare, and if you did purchase at the tour review your contract and what they told you at time of purchase. Usually there are some serious misrepresentations and differences between the two. At Timeshare-Answers we are here to help consumers get out of timeshare contracts and if possible get consumers information before they purchase so they do not have to go through the headaches, stress, that occurs after they buy and find out they have been lied to. Know the truth before you purchase a timeshare.

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