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Timeshare Scam

All our weeks are red weeks because this is the number 1 vacation destination in the world” Timeshare Scam! “You will be able to go anywhere anytime” Timeshare Scam! “You can use it for the next 10 years and then sell it for what you bought it for” Timeshare Scam! “If you can travel in the future the resort will buy your week back” Timeshare Scam! The list of misrepresentations the timeshare sales people and the timeshare companies are telling you is just the beginning of the largest timeshare scam picture! You do not need to be a victim of these billion dollar companies. Why would you believe them when they tell you, there is no way to get out of the timeshare unless you sell it. Who are you going to sell it to, when people that own timeshares paid 10’s of thousands and in many cases 100’s of thousands, and they are paid in full, selling them on eBay for $1. That is because they have no resale value! It is all part of a huge timeshare scam. We can get your contract legally cancelled and in many cases even get the resort to refund some if not all of your money.

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Timeshare: A Deceitful Investment

Looking back over the memories of your vacations should be an enjoyable experience. Not one of regret. Timeshare Scams are happening in every vacation destination in the world. Timeshare companies prey on unsuspecting families as they try to enjoy their much-needed vacation. These timeshare scammers wait until your defenses are down and then… they pounce. Showing you how you can vacation anywhere anytime, explaining you are buying something of value, and of course how you will even be giving your heirs this amazing vacation experience once it is all paid for! These are just a few of the lies told by the timeshare companies to steal your money.

If you are one of the millions of people that have been a victim of a timeshare scam, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

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