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Timeshare Help

Timeshare help comes in many different forms, and from many different resources, such as the Attorney Generals Office in the state you bought your timeshare, The Federal Trade Commission, which governs sales, and consumer purchases, also the Federal department of Real Estate and the BBB where you made your purchase.

Timeshare-Answers is a company that specializes in the precise way to go about getting help from these agencies, and many more. Be wary of the help offered to you from unsolicited phone calls, unlicensed companies, and any other self help guide books, or forms that are offered for a fee on the internet.

When trying to get timeshare related help you need to make sure that any company you find is a well established business that has been in business for a minimum of 3 years. Anything under 3 years, you could be in for another scam. You should also contact the BBB in the area the business is located. This is to see what kind of rating the company has. One thing to keep in mind, when cross-referencing a company with the BBB, is to check for length of time business has been operating. Also check if the company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

When a company is licensed, bonded, and insured you as a consumer are protected. First, it guarantees that the money you give the company will not be lost. The insurance covers your money. Second the license the company carries needs to be governed by a state, or federal agency. This assures you that the company is following all the rules, regulations, and is constantly monitored from a government agency. Third is the proper bonding is in place to add a second layer of protection for any, possible issue, such as a lawsuit.

Some more specific examples are, buying a book, instead of taking a college course, or hiring a handyman instead of a general contractor to build your new home.

Timeshare-Answers is the go to company when it comes to timeshare help. We are licensed, bonded, insured and A rated. We have been in business for over four years, and have the knowledge, and professional team of experts to guide you through the timeshare cancellation process. We have helped over 18,000 clients worldwide with timeshare related issues. If you are a timeshare owner and need help call Timeshare-Answers today for a free consultation, and see what are experts can do for you.

1-888-722-2648 www.Timeshare-Answers.com.

Timeshare Help

Starting with the timeshare companies, followed by the timeshare resale companies, it is hard to find anyone that can really give you timeshare help. As an experienced consumer advocate group it is our sole mission in life to provide timeshare help to those timeshare owners who are in desperate need of that timeshare help. At Timeshare-Answers it is our firm believe that you should not be pressured into making a decision quickly, like the way you were sold your timeshare and then later enticed into paying someone to “list your timeshare” for sale (especially since timeshares have no resale value). We encourage all owners to do their due diligence, research our company, read the testimonials, review our licensing, understand what it means to be bonded and insured. Timeshare Help does exist, and it is about time you get the help you desperately need. Call us today to understand what timeshare help is really available. We will make sure you are fully informed so you can make a good, educated decision in your own time.

Call us anytime at 888-722-2648!

Timeshare Help

Are you a new timeshare owner that has questions about their purchase? Or are you a timeshare owner who knows you have been lied to and wants out of a timeshare? If you are, then you need Timeshare-Answers. Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping timeshare owners cancel timeshare contracts.

Timeshare-Answers helps timeshare owners who have purchased timeshare all over world with many different issues. We have successfully cancelled thousands of contracts for our clients and recovered millions of their dollars.

Many timeshare owners base their timeshare purchases on the lies, and misrepresentations the staff told them at the point of sale. This simply is not acceptable or legal. How can the resort get away with lying to consumers on a daily basis? Because they have billions of dollars to spend on having certain departments turn a blind eye, but with the proper cancellation program your voice and case can be heard. You need a professional company like Timeshare-Answers on your side to get your contract cancelled.

At Timeshare-Answers we can get you out of any timeshare contract that has been sold to you deceptively. We know the proper route to take with every client’s case. Every timeshare sale is not the same, nor is every client. We understand this, and this is the key to our success. Every timeshare owner that calls Timeshare-Answers for help gets a trained professional who has heard thousands of timeshare owners issues and knows precisely what to do for each individual client.

If you are a timeshare owner that needs help do not hesitate call the professionals today.


Are Timeshares a Scam?

Consumers are making timeshare purchases everyday. 8 out of 10 times, these purchases are based on false, misleading statements made by the sale representative. If you take an in-depth look at what your actually getting for your hard earned money, you will find out you are getting ripped off. Sales representatives generally paint a grand picture of you and your family vacationing anywhere, anytime, at a fraction of the cost of an average vacation. None of that is true! The average annual timeshare for a family of 4 costs between $20,000 – $30,000 which is then financed for 120 months, to make it seem more affordable. The interest rate is between 12-18%. If you do the math, it will cost you twice as much for the timeshare over that 10-year period. This means $20,000 becomes $40,000 and $30,000 becomes $60,000!

Does this seem like a good economical way to travel? Are you saving money? NO, YOU ARE NOT! According to those numbers, your average yearly vacation is costing you between $3,000-$6,000 and that doesn’t include the annual maintenance and taxes! The truth is, it is much cheaper and easier to travel through discount travel companies, a travel agent, or yourself.

Timeshares are a scam it is that simple. They are costing consumers billions of dollars every year and these same consumers are limited to unwanted destinations. If you bought a timeshare and want out call Timeshare-Answers today and learn the truth about your purchase.

Timeshare Rights

As a timeshare owner you have rights, contrary to what you have been told by the resort. Consumer protection laws exist in every state and country where timeshare is sold. What we here at Timeshare-Answers have found, is that everyday thousands of timeshare owners rights are being violated. The timeshare companies have experts on their staff to persuade timeshare owners into numerous purchases and upgrades. They continue to trick owners into thinking that they are making smart informed decisions. The reality is, timeshare companies are taking billions of dollars every year from consumers. Know your rights as a timeshare owner and empower yourself today. Call Timeshare-Answers for a consultation today!