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Timeshare Contract

A timeshare contract is a legal binding agreement between you and the timeshare developer. These contracts are governed in the state or country you sign them, no matter where the property is located. Many consumers who have purchased timeshare, and entered into a contract, were lied to and misrepresented at the time of sale.

Consumers sign timeshare contracts everyday under false pretenses, some even for properties that do not even exist yet. When the new timeshare owners find these facts out, it is usually past the rescission period in the contract. Many of these consumers think there is nothing that can be done, and simply continue to pay.

This is simply not the case, there is help if you were lied to or misrepresented when you signed your timeshare contract. You need to hire a professional consumer advocacy company to make sure you get the help you need.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company dedicated to helping consumers fight back against timeshare fraud and misrepresentation. We have helped over 17,000 clients with timeshare related problems, many of which they thought there was no help for.

If you believe you were a victim of this type of timeshare fraud or simply have questions concerning your timeshare purchase, call  1-888-722-2648 Timeshare-Answers today and get sound advice from seasoned professionals.