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Timeshare Cancellation Letter

When it comes to cancelling a timeshare there are many factors that you need to consider. First if you are attempting to do this on your own (and you are within the stated rescission period on your contract) you need to be very cautious.{Timeshare-Answers does not recommend to try to cancel your timeshare on your own, even if you are in your stated rescission period on your contract.}

If, you are in your stated rescission period and you do try to cancel your timeshare on your own, you need to thoroughly read your timeshare contract. Follow the instructions on the agreement where it states the procedure on how to notify the resort that you are canceling your recent timeshare purchase. There are many tactics the resort will you use to try to confuse you, and misinform you on how to correctly cancel the agreement within the allotted time frame. They will try to delay the cancellation process such as: who to notify, what to state, and where to send the cancellation letter, and how it should be sent. All of these factors have a profound effect on the actual cancellation.

If, you do not send it correctly to the appropriate department they will send you a letter a month or two later stating you are still the owner. We have seen too many timeshare owners go into despair when they find out they are still owners  even after sending in cancellation letters; thinking they had correctly cancelled their timeshare. We suggest you call us for assistance with reading over the procedures in the contract, and have us review the contract itself before you send in any notification letters.

If you have sent a cancellation letter already call us to review what you have already done, so we can make sure you have done it correctly. Make sure you send any documentation to the resort as certified mail and request a return signature receipt.

There are just too many pitfalls and misinformation on these 80 page contracts to be able to decipher what is expected of you to cancel. The resorts do this so they can bind you to the agreement and keep your down payment. You need professional assistance when it comes to cancelling your contract even in stated rescission periods; the bottom line is YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO LOOSE TO CHANCE DOING IT ON YOUR OWN. Timeshare-Answers helps thousands of timeshare owners every year cancel timeshare contracts both during and after the rescission periods. Let the professionals help you with your timeshare cancellation no matter when you purchased or if you are in rescission or not.

Call us today for a free consultation or visit our website at WWW.TIMESHAREANSWERS.COM. 1-888-722-2648!

Selling a Timeshare Scams

There are many timeshare scams happening all over the world. Some of these scams happen when you first buy, and some of them happen after you buy. The truth is the sales reps at the resort convinced you that you where buying something of value, and because you think it is worth something, you then fall victim to your second scam. The RESALE SCAM. Resale companies contact you from a list of owners they purchase from a lead broker; your name is sold by the resort and then purchased sometimes dozens of times to companies offering different services.

These services could be anything from real estate companies, debt companies, or in most cases resale companies. This same sales rep that sold you the timeshare then pass you over to the next rep to take more money from you. It is all an elaborate scheme to get you to part with your hard earned money. There is no corporate buyer who is buying blocks of timeshares; there are no gigantic convention promoters who need large amounts of timeshare inventory. THESE ARE ALL JUST MORE LIES AND SCAMS. Convention goers have discount rates through hotels, because corporations do not buy timeshares. If you can’t use your timeshare, how do you think a company would be able to book their employees last minute, at a popular destination on a business trip?

Legal Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshares can be canceled legally, and there are legal options for consumers who want to get rid of a timeshare. Many lawyers will look at your contract and tell you that it is a binding agreement and you are stuck with your purchase. This simply is not the case. The timeshare companies spend millions of dollars every year to make sure that the contracts they provide to the consumer are valid, but consumer laws are in every state and country timeshare is sold. These laws will protect consumers from misleading and deceptive sales tactics. If you purchased a timeshare under false pretenses than you can legally cancel your timeshare.

When you purchased your timeshare if you were told anything that was untrue or misleading such as; you could rent or sell for a profit, refinance for lower rate, you were buying something of value, or the resort would buy it back if you were unhappy than you were lied to and you qualify to cancel your timeshare and possibly recover any monies you paid.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in legally cancelling timeshare for consumers. We have years of experience and have helped over 15000 clients with their timeshare problems. If you are looking to legally cancel your timeshare call Timeshare-Answers Today.

Resort Scams

Over the last few years, timeshare resort scams are becoming more and more prevalent. With the economy at a 10-year low, timeshare resorts are using all means necessary to sell vacation ownerships. This means including outright lies and misrepresentations to consumers who attend timeshare presentation.

What are consumers to do if they have fallen victim to these resort scams? The first step in fighting back is realizing you are a victim of these scams. Many consumers do not know they have been lied to until they try to use their timeshares. This could be anywhere form 1-3 years after their original purchase. By this time they almost always think it is too late to get help. This is the most common misconception when it comes to cancelling a timeshare contract.

Timeshare owners have rights and these rights can be enforced long after the rescission period on the contracts. Consumer protection laws are in effect in all states and countries where timeshares or sold. If you where lied to or misrepresented at the time of sale you can cancel your timeshare contract and in some cases get the money you spent back! Knowing you have been a victim is not easy to accept but it is the first step in getting the help you need to canceling a timeshare contract.
Call Timeshare-Answers today for a free consultation and let the expert’s help you get out of your timeshare.

Selling a Timeshare

When it comes to selling a timeshare, consumers need to beware, there are many companies that claim to able to sell your timeshare or even have a buyer already! These companies usually ask for some sort of upfront fee, closing costs at time of sale, or many tricks and scams to take your money. They usually claim they can sell your timeshare in 90 days, for a profit, or with some form of guarantee. These are all false promises. Timeshares have no real value, they are not an investment, and the resort will not buy them back. They count on owners like you to pay large yearly maintenance fees to pay their bills, AND without your money they will most definitely default.

There are literally thousands of timeshares being given away everyday on websites like eBay, red week, or tug. These sites, where you can advertise your property, do not charge large fees; and in some cases are free. Many timeshare owners have owned their timeshare for several years and are paying for the privilege to go on vacation that they are not actually taking. The accumulating yearly fees are being wasted because they are not going on vacation for reasons including health, age, or simply because they can’t afford it. These same owners will give you their timeshare, just to get out from under the fees. Knowing these facts is the key to not being scammed when you get a call from someone claiming they can sell or rent your property. Knowledge is power. Empower yourself today and learn the truth about selling a timeshare, call Timeshare-Answers and we will answer your questions concerning selling a timeshare, WE WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH WHETHER YOU WANT TO HEAR IT OR NOT!

Timeshare Lawyers

What is a timeshare lawyer? Do they exist? These are common questions timeshare owners ask themselves when they realize they have been lied to or realize they have been a victim of timeshare fraud. The answer to your question is yes they do exist. There are lawyers who have helped timeshare owners review their contracts and have even helped a few clients out of their contracts. But they are few and far between. Every state has their own guidelines and laws about timeshare purchases. In order for a lawyer to help a timeshare owner, they must be licensed in the state the timeshare was purchased. A lawyer cannot practice law in a state they are not licensed in. Most lawyers do not know the first thing about canceling a timeshare contract. They can look at your documents and tell you if they are binding, which approximately 99% are, but that is about it.

A Timeshare Lawyer is not what you need when trying to get out of a timeshare. You need a consumer advocacy company that specializes in canceling timeshare contracts. Timeshare-Answers has helped consumers cancel contracts in every state in the US, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries where timeshare is sold. We know the proper steps in getting consumers out of their timeshares. Call Timeshare-Answers today for a free consultation and learn the truth about your timeshare.

Timeshare-Answers Complaints

Timeshare-Answers is a consumer advocacy company that helps timeshare owners with timeshare complaints. Many timeshare owners have complaints against their timeshare resorts. These complaints have gone unheard, for the entire time they have owned their timeshares. Timeshare-Answers offers consumers an experienced professional group of advocates that know how to make timeshare resorts listen.

How does Timeshare-Answers get timeshare owners complaints heard? This is a question consumers generally have when they call for help. Timeshare-Answers has dealt with thousands of different complaints about timeshare companies all over the world. We have successfully assisted over 15,000 consumers worldwide, and with this experience and knowledge, we know the precise action to take with every consumer who calls for help.

Many consumers who fall victim to deceptive and misleading sales tactics from the resort fail to gain the knowledge or help they need. With Timeshare-Answers on their side the consumer will gain every advantage over the resort and have a team of professionals dedicated to making their case heard. Do not let your complaints go unnoticed get a Timeshare-Answers advocate assisting you with your battle today.

Timeshare Contract

What is a Timeshare Contract? A timeshare contract is an agreement to purchase a set vacation period either based on points or weeks. A timeshare is a vacation property with shared ownership. A timeshare contract entitles the buyers to spend a specified amount of time (usually one week per year) at the property. These contracts are usually very detailed and complex and will include most of the specifics of the ownership. Before signing any timeshare contract it should be thoroughly read. However, 8 out of 10 timeshare contracts are never read until the rescission period is over. Before you make a costly mistake READ THE FINE PRINT. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM OF TIMESHARE CONTRACT FRAUD!

How to get rid of a timeshare

HOW TO GET RID OF A TIMESHARE? This is a question many timeshare owners are asking themselves after the honeymoon stage of the initial purchase is over? The congratulations ceremony after the papers are signed is not really for the timeshare buyer. The balloons, drinks, bells and whistles and all the other fancy gimmicks timeshare companies use, is just a way to get new buyers mind off the fact they just financed something with no value, at 17 percent. If you look at what you actually purchased with your hard earned money, what is there to celebrate? The fact you are paying twice the purchase amount over a 120-month finance period? The fact that you own something with no resale value or simply that you will never really be able to use it as promised? None if this makes any sense and the average consumer soon realizes this when the bubble is burst. The question then becomes: HOW TO GET RID OF A TIMESHARE?

There is no simple answer to this question, but there is a solution. Call Timeshare-Answers. We offer a free initial consultation to go over the facts of the purchase including all the specific verbal promises that were made. The majority of timeshare contracts are signed without even reading the fine print. The “Deeder” or “Closing Agent” rushes the purchaser through pages of documents, initial here, sign there, etc. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Then it isn’t until the new timeshare owner is home that they actually read what has been signed. Shock sets in; blood pressure is elevated, and the anger and shame generally starts. Most people do not want to believe that the nice, innocent, and charismatic sales person lied to them. THEY WERE PAID TO DECEIVE YOU. THAT CELEBRATION WAS FOR THE RESORT AND NOT FOR YOU!!!

Call Timeshare-Answers now for your free consultation, and learn the truth, and answers to the question; HOW TO GET RID OF A TIMESHARE?

Timeshare Help

Contrary to what the timeshare resorts want you to believe; there is help available for timeshare owners. There really is help for owners who have been victim of deceptive or misleading sales tactics. Timeshare help can consist of many things; basic information on the resort itself or a more extensive program to cancel the timeshare contract you signed. Whatever the help you need, Timeshare-Answers is the company for you. Timeshare-Answers offers help to timeshare owners no matter when or where they purchased. If you were lied to, misrepresented or deceived we have the timeshare help you need.