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Timeshare Complaints

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in assisting consumers with numerous timeshare related issues. We cancel timeshare contracts for consumers who believe they are victims of timeshare fraud, timeshare scams, or any sort of misrepresentation from their timeshare resorts.

Here is a list of top timeshare complaints we have gathered from numerous timeshare owners over the past 5 years:

  • “My husband and I were told that we were buying a piece of property that would appreciate like real estate, it would be a great investment for our portfolio, and that we could pass it down generation to generation in our family who would also benefit from this appreciating investment.”
  • The sales staff stated to us “This timeshare is a limited offer, if you do not buy it today we cannot guarantee the price we have offered it to you for, it will cost you a lot more if you decide at a later time to purchase.”
  • The salesman who sold us our timeshare said this “If you decide later that this timeshare is not for you, and you no longer want it just call us and give it back, it will not be any problem at all”
  • “ We went to a timeshare sales presentation and we were told that if we did not use our timeshare we would not be responsible for the yearly maintenance and taxes, and the week would just carry over year to year. So if we wanted to take a longer vacation, just wait a few years and the weeks would accumulate at no extra cost.”
  • “One of the key factors to my timeshare purchase was I was told that this timeshare would be a great opportunity for me to add extra income on a annual basis, by renting out the weeks that I was not using myself. The resort has a rental program that would bring me top dollar and I could offset the cost of the timeshare by the income I would generate from the rentals.”

These are just a few of the top timeshare complaints timeshare owners have had over the years we have heard time and time again. If you bought your timeshare based on any of these complaints or any other timeshare complaints give Timeshare-Answers a call and we can cancel your timeshare and possibly recover any monies you have paid.

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Timeshare Law

With all the fraud involved in the timeshare industry, you would think there would be more timeshare laws in place to protect the consumer. Why is it that timeshare companies all over the world have been taking advantage of consumers for more than 40 years and there are little to no government agencies that are standing up for these consumers. The fact is, the timeshare companies are making billions a year and each state benefits from a portion of that money. How is it that the Attorney Generals are not looking into the blatant fraud and misrepresentation of these companies and their sales tactic’s? Here at Timeshare-Answers we stand up for your rights against these companies and their abuse of the lack of timeshare law. We can help, call now for your free consultation, no pressure, just a support staff to help you understand your rights as a consumer, regardless of the lack of timeshare law.

You are not alone; you have a voice, call now 888-722-2648, WE WILL PREVAIL!