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Resort Scams

Over the last few years, timeshare resort scams are becoming more and more prevalent. With the economy at a 10-year low, timeshare resorts are using all means necessary to sell vacation ownerships. This means including outright lies and misrepresentations to consumers who attend timeshare presentation.

What are consumers to do if they have fallen victim to these resort scams? The first step in fighting back is realizing you are a victim of these scams. Many consumers do not know they have been lied to until they try to use their timeshares. This could be anywhere form 1-3 years after their original purchase. By this time they almost always think it is too late to get help. This is the most common misconception when it comes to cancelling a timeshare contract.

Timeshare owners have rights and these rights can be enforced long after the rescission period on the contracts. Consumer protection laws are in effect in all states and countries where timeshares or sold. If you where lied to or misrepresented at the time of sale you can cancel your timeshare contract and in some cases get the money you spent back! Knowing you have been a victim is not easy to accept but it is the first step in getting the help you need to canceling a timeshare contract.
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