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Cancel a timeshare

Are you a timeshare owner who is looking to cancel a timeshare? If YOU ARE, LOOK NO further. Timeshare-Answers is here to assist you in your fight against the resort. We have helped thousands of clients with their timeshare problems. We have years of experience and have helped our clients out of over 40 million dollars in contractually obligated debt and recovered over 1 million dollars of our clients hard earned money. If you feel you have been misrepresented, lied to, or are a victim of timeshare fraud, Call US TODAY. We can help you Cancel a Timeshare contract.

Cancelling a Timeshare Contract takes a lot of work; this is not something to try on your own. Would you try wiring the electrical wires in your own home with no experience? Why try to cancel a timeshare? Unlike faulty wiring, trying to cancel a timeshare on your own will not kill you, but it could cost you thousands of dollars. There are many things that cannot be undone; this applies to canceling a timeshare. Once you have made statements or submitted documents they cannot be taken back. Make sure you have professionals on your side so it is done right. Call Timeshare-Answers for a free consultation today.

Timeshare-Answers Scams

Timeshare resorts and fraudulent companies that claim they can sell or rent their timeshares are scamming consumers every day. With the timeshare scams on the rise state and federal authorities are having a difficult time keeping up with these unscrupulous companies. If you have information or someone you know has information on timeshare scams call Timeshare-Answers NOW 888-722-2648.

Consumers beware of fraudulent companies claiming they can help; here are some things to look for
1. Make sure the company has a physical address, not a P.O. Box. A physical address means that the company occupies a building or office space that you can find and visit if you had the need. Some companies claim to have address, but further research will tell you it is by appointment only, and this usually means it is a rent by hour building that they do not actually occupy.
2. Make sure the company has a phone number with a local area code in addition to the toll free number. This number should trace to their physical address. If the number cannot be found to match their physical address BEWARE!
3. When you read their About Us portion of the company’s website, make sure the content can refer you to some official licensing or third party verification that the company is real and not just a page spouting more info with no details “about us”. Licensing, Bonding, and insurance are all key factors when doing business with any company.
4. Follow the Business Bureau link to verify that the company is reputable. Avoid companies that don’t have a link or info registered with a third party.
5. Make sure the company is a active company, you can usually find this information on the state corporations homepage

We have found numerous companies operating under the authorities radar without licensing and just as many that are not even active corporations. Check out any company thoroughly before you GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Do not fall victim to timeshare scams

Get Rid Of a Timeshare

Every day, consumers all around the world are thinking about getting rid of their timeshares. They remember all the promises that were made at the sales presentation and quickly realize that none of those promises were kept. Most of represented facts turn out to be outright lies, and fraud. Consumers spend billions of dollars a year on these fraudulent purchases. Timeshare owners need more government oversight of these sales processes. Unfortunately the timeshare resorts spend millions of dollars every year to lobby in their favor, which has benefited the position of the timeshare company and not the consumer. Change is coming, but it is a slow process. Calling a professional consumer advocacy company like Timeshare-Answers can help you know your rights, and can make the idea of getting rid of timeshare a reality.

Timeshare Law

Timeshare Laws exist in every state and country timeshare is sold. Timeshare laws govern the way timeshares are sold, and the rights afforded to the purchaser. There are many timeshare laws that are designed to help protect the consumer. Regardless of the laws that are in place, there are still many timeshare owners who have been misrepresented and deceived during their purchase. Some of the most common Timeshare Law violations are: being told that you are purchasing something of value, or the Timeshare itself is not what you purchased. (Thought you had every year usage and end up with every other year). It does not matter what was misrepresented, it only matters that there was a misrepresentation. If you are unhappy and need help call Timeshare-Answers we can help.

Timeshare Attorneys

Is there such a thing as Timeshare Attorneys? Timeshare Attorneys do exist, however this is not a field that is readily pursued by law students. Some Real estate Attorneys will take on a client with a timeshare, but this is very rare. If the Attorney does decide to take the case, they would need a license in the state or country the timeshare is located. Additionally the amount of money invested in a timeshare does not generally attract the attention of most attorneys. They are usually looking for a much larger contract to charge more fees. The average attorney charges between $200-$300 an hour and the average timeshare cancellation takes about 3-6 months or 100-150 hours of work to cancel. In short Timeshare Attorneys do not have the time, expertise, or license to handle Timeshare Cancellations. Timeshare-Answers has all of these resources and ONLY specializes in the timeshare owners needs.

Resort Scam

Timeshare resort scams happen every day all over the world and thousands of consumers fall prey to these scams. Resort scams are not geographically exclusive, they happen in every state and country timeshare is sold. They are most prevalent in the popular vacation destinations where timeshare companies are competing against each other. The best way to protect yourself from being a victim of a resort scam is by educating yourself. KNOW YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Don’t become a statistic; EDUCATE YOURSELF TODAY.