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Get Rid Of A Timeshare

Get Rid Of A Timeshare

When it comes to getting rid of a timeshare consumers have limited options. Calling the resort for help is definitely not one. The resorts job is to keep you in your timeshare and sell you more timeshare. Many consumers have made this mistake based on the original lies told at the time of purchase. But the bottom line is consumers would not want out of their timeshares if they were happy.

Many consumers based their original purchase on the possibility of the resort taking it back if they were not happy. The sales staff at the resort sells timeshare by any and all means necessary to get their commissions. The sales staff gets paid if you purchase. These sales jobs are commission only positions that they are compensated for handsomely. If not for the high commissions paid by the resort, the sales staff would not be lying and deceiving consumers on a daily basis.

Consumers who want to get rid of a timeshare for good need to make a smart informed decision. They need to call a professional consumer advocacy company like Timeshare-Answers. We get timeshare contracts cancelled on a daily basis, with a large majority of our clients getting monies refunded. When it comes to cancelling timeshare contracts Timeshare-Answers is the leader. We have helped more than 15000 consumers worldwide with their timeshare problems.

Call us today for a free consultation and learn how you to can GET RID OF A TIMESHARE. 1-888-722-2648.

Selling a Timeshare

When it comes to selling a timeshare, consumers need to beware, there are many companies that claim to able to sell your timeshare or even have a buyer already! These companies usually ask for some sort of upfront fee, closing costs at time of sale, or many tricks and scams to take your money. They usually claim they can sell your timeshare in 90 days, for a profit, or with some form of guarantee. These are all false promises. Timeshares have no real value, they are not an investment, and the resort will not buy them back. They count on owners like you to pay large yearly maintenance fees to pay their bills, AND without your money they will most definitely default.

There are literally thousands of timeshares being given away everyday on websites like eBay, red week, or tug. These sites, where you can advertise your property, do not charge large fees; and in some cases are free. Many timeshare owners have owned their timeshare for several years and are paying for the privilege to go on vacation that they are not actually taking. The accumulating yearly fees are being wasted because they are not going on vacation for reasons including health, age, or simply because they can’t afford it. These same owners will give you their timeshare, just to get out from under the fees. Knowing these facts is the key to not being scammed when you get a call from someone claiming they can sell or rent your property. Knowledge is power. Empower yourself today and learn the truth about selling a timeshare, call Timeshare-Answers and we will answer your questions concerning selling a timeshare, WE WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH WHETHER YOU WANT TO HEAR IT OR NOT!

Timeshare-Answers Complaints

Timeshare-Answers is a consumer advocacy company that helps timeshare owners with timeshare complaints. Many timeshare owners have complaints against their timeshare resorts. These complaints have gone unheard, for the entire time they have owned their timeshares. Timeshare-Answers offers consumers an experienced professional group of advocates that know how to make timeshare resorts listen.

How does Timeshare-Answers get timeshare owners complaints heard? This is a question consumers generally have when they call for help. Timeshare-Answers has dealt with thousands of different complaints about timeshare companies all over the world. We have successfully assisted over 15,000 consumers worldwide, and with this experience and knowledge, we know the precise action to take with every consumer who calls for help.

Many consumers who fall victim to deceptive and misleading sales tactics from the resort fail to gain the knowledge or help they need. With Timeshare-Answers on their side the consumer will gain every advantage over the resort and have a team of professionals dedicated to making their case heard. Do not let your complaints go unnoticed get a Timeshare-Answers advocate assisting you with your battle today.