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Timeshare Resort Scams Help

What are timeshare resort scams? How do resort scams affect you as a consumer? Are you a victim of a timeshare resort scam? What rights do you have as a consumer if you believe you are a victim of a timeshare resort scam? Consumers are asking themselves these questions daily, before, and after they have purchased a timeshare from a resort. Many of these consumers do not have any idea that they are victims until they have indeed purchased.

Timeshare Resort scams are any sort of misrepresentation, or deceptive sales practices that happen to consumers when they buy a timeshare. If you purchased a timeshare in the past ten years, odds are you are a victim. Many timeshare owners are unaware they are actually a victim, until they start to use their timeshare. Generally first year of use on any new purchase is the following year, unless it is a bi-annual, or tri-annual contract. So some consumers might not know for two, or three years. By this time the stated rescission period in the contract is obviously over, and they are left thinking they cannot get out of the contract.

When first finding out that you are a victim of a resort scam, you need to assess all the facts form your purchase. These facts are very important, they will help you cancel a fraudulent contract, and possibly get your money back. You have rights as a consumer, contrary to what the resort staff tells you. Most of the time, consumers find these facts out when they call the resort, and try to use the timeshare.

The resorts first job, when you find these facts out, is to spin you around, and make it seem like you are the one who is in the wrong. Resorts with use any means necessary to keep you in your timeshare, including threats of legal action, if YOU do not continue to pay for the timeshare. This in the timeshare cancellation industry, we call scare tactics. The resort wants to scare you into submission. They know they are wrong, but until you process any type of formal complaint; the resort is exempt from action. They will try to brow beat, threaten, or coerce you into keeping your timeshare.

This is why you need Timeshare-Answers. We are a professional consumer advocacy company that specializes in helping timeshare owners cancel timeshare contracts. We have helped over 19,000 clients worldwide. We are the most experienced company in the timeshare industry. We have canceled over $45,000,000 in contractually obligated debt for our clients, and recovered over $1,600,000 of consumers’ money. If you are a timeshare owner, and believe you have been a victim of a resort scam, call Timeshare-Answers now for a free consultation. Let our team of experts help you in your time of need.



When looking for ways to get out of a timeshare contract many consumers are distracted from making the right decisions. They need someone to help them review their case to go over all the details of what happened during, and after their timeshare purchase. Reviewing the facts of any timeshare purchase, whether written or verbal, is the key to successfully cancelling a timeshare contract.

Timeshare-Answers has the experience to know which companies have good reviews and which ones have bad reviews. The facts usually speak for themselves when it comes to a timeshare purchase. The bottom line is; if you are not happy with the timeshare today, then you are going to be very unhappy with your timeshare in the future.

By discovering the facts of your contract today versus at a later time, could mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars you would have paid the resort that you may not be able to recover. Don’t lose any more money then you already have. Get the help you need now and call Timeshare-Answers to help review the facts of your case.

Timeshare-Answers BBB

There are many companies out there to help consumers in making smart informed decisions. Knowledge is power, and having the power to cancel a timeshare contract is crucial to saving thousands of dollars in fees every year from timeshare companies. When reviewing the facts of any timeshare cancellation, consumer protection laws are essential in helping consumers.

Timeshare-Answers is a professional consumer advocacy company dedicated to helping timeshare owners fight back against fraud and misrepresentation. Consumers’ rights are being violated every day without their knowledge. The timeshare companies are making billions of dollars every year by taking advantage of the average consumers just like you!

Do not become of victim of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation, know your rights. Go to www.timeshare-answers.com and get the knowledge you deserve to fight back TODAY.

Timeshare-Answers Information

Timeshare-Answers offers consumers information regarding any timeshare situation. If you have recently purchased a timeshare or have owned for years we have the answers to any questions you might have. Being properly educated is essential to making your complaints heard. We have found that 8 out of 10 timeshare owners have been lied to at the point of sale.

What are you to do? The answer is; call Timeshare-Answers for assistance. We have years of experience and have helped more than 15,000 timeshare owners’ worldwide with their timeshare problems. Our numbers and success continues to grow daily. We also have the most experienced staff to give you the most up-to-date information.

When it comes to timeshare information we have your Timeshare-Answers! Visit our website today www.timeshare-answers.com or call our toll free number for immediate assistance 888-722-2648.

Timeshare Solutions

Timeshare solutions do exist, but consumers need to be weary, as there are many unscrupulous timeshare companies who make promises that are to good to be true.
The saying “If its to good to be true, it usually is ” applies when it comes to timeshare. When a consumer purchases a timeshare they are led to believe they are buying something of value, and when the honeymoon period is over they realize the timeshare falls short of their expectations. When the consumer starts to research ways to get out of the timeshare, they find hundreds of companies that promise to get them top dollar for their timeshare for a small fee. THIS IS A SCAM! Very few timeshares have any resale value, and if you happen to own at a timeshare that has any value at all, it is only pennies on the dollar. It is a hard pill to swallow for timeshare owners, but IT IS THE TRUTH.
Find out the truth today by calling Timeshare-Answers now. No matter how painful it is for you, we will give you the facts so that you can be on our way to finding the best timeshare solution for you.

Cancel Timeshare

Many people ask themselves, “How can I cancel this Timeshare?” or “ Why did I buy this timeshare?” These are just 2 of many questions that frequently come to minds of timeshare owners when their monthly or yearly statement arrive. Almost every owner thinks, “ I believed everything the timeshare sales staff told me.” What typically follows that thought is, “How could I have been so dumb?” If this sounds familiar, clearly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is help to cancel timeshare contracts. Timeshare-Answers offers a solution for every timeshare owners needs. When it comes to cancelling timeshares, we are the most experienced company in the timeshare cancellation industry. We have years of knowledge, we have cancelled thousands of contracts, and our success continues daily. If you have questions and need help in cancelling your timeshare, call Timeshare-Answers Now.

Timeshare Attorneys

Is there such a thing as Timeshare Attorneys? Timeshare Attorneys do exist, however this is not a field that is readily pursued by law students. Some Real estate Attorneys will take on a client with a timeshare, but this is very rare. If the Attorney does decide to take the case, they would need a license in the state or country the timeshare is located. Additionally the amount of money invested in a timeshare does not generally attract the attention of most attorneys. They are usually looking for a much larger contract to charge more fees. The average attorney charges between $200-$300 an hour and the average timeshare cancellation takes about 3-6 months or 100-150 hours of work to cancel. In short Timeshare Attorneys do not have the time, expertise, or license to handle Timeshare Cancellations. Timeshare-Answers has all of these resources and ONLY specializes in the timeshare owners needs.

Get out of a timeshare

How to get out of a timeshare? This is the question many timeshare owners are asking themselves. The answer to the question seems very difficult at first but with a little research the question can be answered. Call Timeshare-Answers. The process of getting out of a timeshare is not one to be handled lightly or by an inexperienced company or attorney who does not handle this on a daily basis. Timeshare-Answers has assisted over 15000 timeshare owners worldwide and are experts in getting people out of timeshares. When it comes down to it, you the consumer need the very best company for the job. Timeshare-Answers will walk you through every step of the cancellation process and will fight hard for YOU.