How to get rid of timeshares

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March 28, 2013

When it comes to get rid of a timeshare, consumers have very few options. The options they do have are in three separate categories, which are as follows:

1. Selling a timeshare:
Selling a timeshare is a very difficult process. Timeshares have no real value and are a luxury item. Timeshare owners who want to sell have a very difficult time finding a legitimate company that can help them. There are many companies who claim they can sell their timeshare for them but require some sort of listing or marketing fee to get the job done. These companies are generally scam companies that make all sorts of false claims, enticing the consumer to pay their fee for a hefty profit on their properties. BEWARE OF THESE COMPANIES THEY ARE SCAMS!

2. Transferring a timeshare:
Transferring a timeshare is a valid option for the timeshare owner to give their timeshare to another person or company. If they are transferring their timeshare there are usually a resort transfer fee. This fee can vary from 50 to 500 dollars. If you transfer to a company that claims they will take the deed from you they usually will charge between three thousand and five thousand dollars. If you decide to use one of these companies thoroughly research them to make sure they are legitimate, and remember a timeshare CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED IF THERE IS A MORTGAGE.

3. Cancelling a timeshare contract:
Cancelling a timeshare contract is an option for a consumer who believes they are a victim of timeshare fraud or misrepresentation. A timeshare contract can be cancelled after the stated rescission period if it was purchased under false or misleading circumstances. The majority of the timeshare owners today purchased timeshare under some form of misrepresentations. At Timeshare-Answers we specialize in timeshare contract cancellation and help timeshare victims cancel their timeshare and recover their money. If you believe you fall into this category give Timeshare-Answers a call today and find out the truth about your timeshare purchase.

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